Brand New Burnout, Drifting Fail, Illegal Street Drifting Compilation Is Right Off The Presses

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Yes, this compilation of illegal street drifting, ...

Yes, this compilation of illegal street drifting, crazy car drifting fails, and illegal street burnouts is brand spanking new. Odds are you have not seen any of the gas-powered drifting deliciousness that is found on this 14-minute drifting collection video. In addition to all of the illegal street drifting on this video, there is also plenty of fantastic drifting being done by real pros on drifting tracks during drifting competitions. My favorite car drifting burnout on this vid starts at the 0:51 mark; it contains plenty of smoke, sparks, spinning tires, and even a bit of flame. Bravo!



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