You Won’t Believe How Tight This Guy Can Parallel Park For The World Record

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

I think it’s safe to say that parallel parking is not a driving skill mastered by most!  I know I wasn’t the only one surprised when I watched this video showing the tightest Parallel Parking World Record being broken by China’s Han Yue.  In this video you get to watch as Han Yue zooms right in between two very closely parked Mini Coops effortlessly, without any pause. You almost feel you have to double take after watching the first time,  luckily this video shows how precise Yue’s record breaking park really was by showing the many angles shot while he performed his feat. It’s no doubt you will admire the driving skills of this man! I know I’ll be working on my parking skills now!

That was nuts. Wait until you see the next video below.